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Bulk import of concepts (keywords, topics or ideas)
Bulk import of concepts (keywords, topics or ideas)
Updated over a week ago

You can import multiple keywords by copypasting them into ContextMinds. The keywords have to be on separate lines - that works great for copy & paste from Excel or Google sheets.

To start the import, click anywhere in the map on the whiteboard and then click the white arrow icon in the top left corner (pic. 1),

Pic. 1

a new window appears, here you can paste all imported concepts. (pic. 2)

Pic. 2

Tip: break down long lists into smaller parts before importing

If you have a long list of keywords, it's better to break them down into smaller groups for import. That will help you get them organized. Start a new import for each group, so that a separate list is created in ContextMinds.

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