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Importing keywords from CSV
Importing keywords from CSV
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You can import a list of keywords from a CSV file - for example, exported from another keyword research app. To do this, click the import button in the imput line on the left. (pic. 1)

Pi.c 1

An import dialog opens, here you can switch from clipboard import to CSV import. (pic. 2) Select "Import from CSV" , choose a name for the imported list , set the delimeter and click "Upload CSV". After that check the preview and select columns with data you want to load as notes to the keywords (optional) and click "Import concepts".

The Delimiter and Column headers settings can usually be left set to default. If you have a non-standard CSV, you might need to change the Delimiter character. If your CSV does not include column headers, turn the respective setting off. Then click Upload CSV.

Pic. 2

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