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Metrics and sorting related keywords
Metrics and sorting related keywords
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In Contextminds there are 2 sources of metrics available.

  1. SpyFu

  2. KeywordsEverywhere

All metrics, if available, are for the searched cocepts located in the second sidebar (the one on the right), (pic. 2)

Pic. 2

You can sort related keywords & questions by search volume or ranking difficulty.

To enable sort settings, you have to select a single concept (keyword) in your map.

The default order is by descending search volume. (pic. 1)

Pic. 1

To view metrics for the existing concepts (if available), click on the "Metrics" category in the sidebar (pic. 4) and then click on the concept for which you wand to view metrics. To view the metrics, make sure to toggle the "Suggestions" button ON.

Pic. 4

Also, you can view them directly in the concept bubble (pic. 5)

Pic. 5

Metrics can be turned on and off. To change the settings, click the cogwheel at the top (pic. 3), select 'Settings,' and adjust these two metrics according to your needs (pic. 6)."

Pic. 3

Pic. 6

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