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Related concepts: topic, keyword, question, heading suggestions and maps
Related concepts: topic, keyword, question, heading suggestions and maps
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As you add topics, keywords, or ideas to your map, the suggestions of concepts related to it start to appear in the sidebar on the left.

While concepts added through the plus buttons next to the concept and through the input line are inserted as text boxes independently, concepts dragged from search results are automatically linked to the offered concepts and affect further suggested content. (pic. 1)

Pic. 1

You can change this setting at any time during your work using the "suggestion" toggle button below the input line.

Related concepts refer to ideas, topics, or subjects that have a connection or association with the main concept being explored. These related concepts can help expand and explore different aspects of the main idea, providing a more comprehensive understanding. Take a look at the related concepts commonly used in mind mapping below:

  1. Subtopics: These are smaller divisions or categories that directly contribute to the main concept. Subtopics help break down complex ideas into more manageable parts.

  2. KeyWords: These are specific terms or phrases associated with the main concept that helps represent and highlight important aspects or relationships.

In ContextMinds, you can use the following categories of suggestions:

  • Topics: related topics

  • Keywords: keywords people type in search engines

  • Questions: questions people type in search engines

  • Headings: H2/H3 headings extracted from top ranking SERP results

  • Articles: Wikipedia abstracts, articles searched on the web, scientific articles, Reddit and articles generated by ChatGPT

  • Maps: already existing maps created in ContextMinds by you or the community concerning similar topics and focus

  • User Concepts: topics from maps created in ContextMinds by you, your colleagues and the community

Selecting ChatGPT suggestions

For topics, keywords, questions, and headings, you can turn on ChatGPT.

Doing so will include more AI suggestions. However this will take slightly more time to generate than the standard related concepts. (pic. 2)

Pic. 2

Important tip - focusing on single topic

If you select a single concept (topic, keyword, or "bubble" on your map), the suggestions are reloaded to show topics related specifically to that concept.

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