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Organizing concepts into lists and outlines
Organizing concepts into lists and outlines
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You can turn a concept (a bubble in the map) into a list by dragging another concept over it.

Drag one concept onto another to create a list (pic. 1 and 2)

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Hierarchical lists or outlines

The lists can be hierarchical - if you move the dragged concept slightly to the right under another one in the list, it becomes indented, as a subtopic or subheading. The hierarchy can be as deep as you need. (pic. 3)

Pic. 3

Custom lists

You can create custom lists as needed. I.e., you don't have to choose only from the suggested topics. Simply type anything you like and click "+" button at the end of the input line or hit enter. Then start dragging subtopics over the newly created concept.

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