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How to add a new concept
How to add a new concept
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There are four options for adding a new concept.

  1. Enter the new concept directly into the input line at the top of the page and press enter or click "+" (pic. 1)

  2. Drag a concept from the related concept section by dragging the concept by mouse or by clicking the "+" button (pic. 2)

Pic. 1

3. Click the + button placed on the sides of each concept. (pic. 3)

Pic. 3

A new concept bubble will appear, in here you can insert a name of your own concept. (pic. 4)

Pic. 4

4. You can use short keys as follows:

Activate requested concept by clicking on it and press:

  • I to add a concept inside the current one

  • K to add a new concept on the left of the current concept

  • L to add a new concept on the right of the current concept

A new concept can be a topic, a keyword, a question, a heading, an article, a map or complete article generated by AI.

You can also add a subconcept - a concept which thematically belongs to the given concept, may specify it, supplement it or otherwise be related to it.

View a video how to add a new concept and how to create connections.

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