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Usage limits & credits
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Usage of some of ContextMinds' features is limited by a certain amount of data retrieval per month (or per day if you are a free user). The limits depend on your subscription level - for example, how many AppSumo codes you have stacked.

How to check my remaining credits

If you click the "profile" button in the top right corner of the app (pic. 1) and then click "Manage subscription," you'll see your current "subscription limits." (pic. 2)

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

The meaning of each limit

Keywords and questions

These are the keyword and question suggestions and those shown when you are adding a new concept. When you run out of this, you'll still see general Topic suggestions, which are unlimited. Also maps crated by the user or other users are free, as well as user concepts. (pic. 1)

Article searching and AI paragraphs

These are the suggestions appearing in the sidebar. When depleted, you'll still see Wikipedia descriptions on the topic (when available), Reddit posts, and Scientific articles.

(pic. 2)

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Credit usage when using AI

1 credit is spent when you click the Generate Text button (or another one from the listed offer). Also any prompt you write to ChatGPT promt line costs 1 credit, as well as one search using ChatGPT turned on. (Pic. 1) (This may change in the future as we have to adapt to external API costs.)

Pic. 1

When are the credits spent:

  • every time you make a change in your map, the suggestions are updated, and that means about two credits spent (depending on the magnitude of the change)

  • when you select a concept for the first time

  • when you type something in the Add concept (keyword/topic) dialog

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about resource suggestions and Researching web and other resources on the selected topic


Although there is now a separate limit for headings, they depend on the article searching limits: headings are extracted from the related articles. So, every time headings are searched, the article search credits are also spent. The search is done at the same moment when, for example, keywords are searched: every time you add something new to the map.

Are the credits spent all the time when I click around the map?

The retrieved data is cached for about one day, and results retrieved from the cache do not count against the limits. So if you repeatedly select the same concept in your map, the credits will be spent only once. And if you reopen the same map the next day, there is a good chance the data is still cached, and no credits will be spent until you start adding new content to the map.

Helpful tip: How to turn on the "Data-saving" option

When you don't need the suggestions or want to save your credits, use the filter settings for both related concepts and resource suggestions and deselect all non-free sources - based on the figures above. These settings are kept during each session in the app - if you open a different map or reload the app, it gets reset to default.

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