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Researching web and other resources on the selected topic
Researching web and other resources on the selected topic
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Whenever you select a concept (topic, keyword, or "bubble") on your map, you'll get several suggested resources from the web, AI, and our internal database, that might be worth browsing through and researching.

You'll find the resource suggestions in the "Concept detail," a second sidebar next to the main one. They come from several different sources:

  • our internal database which includes

    • definitions extracted from Wikipedia

    • notes shared by others from the community

    • your own notes saved on the concept in other maps you created

  • top web results (we use Bing API to get them)

  • recent web results (appeared during the last month)

  • research papers (retrieved through, similar to Google Scholar)

  • Reddit

  • AI generated texts - might include made-up information, but are a great source of inspiration and a way to speed up your writing

  • special category Metrics (Keywords Everywhere and SpyFu)

Selecting sources

You can switch the various sources on and off as needed using the filters.

Adding your own notes

πŸ‘‰ You can also always add your own notes - see how to add notes.

Pinning suggested resources as notes

If you like any of the suggested resources, pin them, so that you may use them later. You will find all your pinned notes in the Pinned notes / Concept notes tab at the top of the the sidebar.

Btw, if you share the map with someone else, they will also see these pinned notes.

Quick tip: you don't have to leave ContextMinds to google something.

Just create a new concept named with what you would type in the research bar and then look at the suggestions from web.

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