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How to add an image
How to add an image
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Adding images in ContextMinds is a feature that just might become a part of your everyday mapping and outlining. You can add an image to your concept, and add multiple images as well.

Adding an image

To add an an image, select your concept and then go to the Concept notes tabs and click on 'Attach file' at the bottom. You can then choose whichever photo you need, and it will appear on your map. (pic. 1)

Pic. 1

Now the image is pinned to your concept and displayed in the map. (pic. 2)

Pic. 2

Adding more images

If you would like to add more images, you can do so the same way as previously. All images will appear in the notes tab and you can choose which one will appear for that concept in the map. (pic. 2)

Hide image

To hide any image, click the small sqare button in the bottom right of the image preview. (pic. 2)

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