Internal users
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You can add internal users to your account based on your deal terms and following our Fair use policy. To put it shortly, internal users should work on the same team as you or in the same organization. We allow temporarily adding your clients as internal users for the time when you cooperate with them on specific projects - as long as it can be regarded as teamwork.

To do that, click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the app, then "Manage subscription" and "Manage" next to "Additional internal users": (pic. 1)

Pic. 1

In the text box that appears afterward, paste a list of emails that the users will use with ContextMinds. They can be already registered users of ContextMinds or can sign up afterward the same way as you did at

Once they are set up, they should see they are sharing your subscription limits in the same dialog window as above.

By default, internal users have their own private space in ContextMinds and can share maps with you by sending links from the Share button.

For easier collaboration, you can set up a workspace and invite the new users there.

Similarly, we can set up a CNAME for you - ask

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