Uploading Files
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You can upload any file as an attachment to a concept on your map or to the entire map without specifying a specific concept. It will be available as a note pinned to that concept / map, with a link to the uploaded file.

If you upload an image, you will see a thumbnail preview in the note.

To upload a file, select the desired concept in your map or, click anywhere in the map to upload a concept common to the entire map and click the Concept notes / Pinned notes respectively.

Here you can upload files saved to your device. and click the small arrow at the bottom. (pic. 1)

Pic. 1

Storage size

πŸ‘‰ Available storage depends on your subscription plan. You can find it in Manage your subscription.

Deleting files

πŸ‘‰ The files are stored within the map. You can find them listed at the bottom of Overview of all notes.

There you can also delete them. If you delete a file there, the link to it will become inaccessible in all notes where it was mentioned - keep that in mind. If you delete just the note, the file still remains attached to the map. (pic. 2)

Pic. 2

Sharing files between maps

When you add an existing concept from the User concepts or Maps, you will see existing files attached to it in all other maps accessible to you in the suggestions in the sidebar (be sure to turn on the personal filters for that).

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