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Overview of all notes & pinning notes to a concept or to a map
Overview of all notes & pinning notes to a concept or to a map
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Overview of all notes

When looking at the map with no particular concept selected, you can see all notes in the sidebar on the left under "Pinned notes" tab. These include all notes pinned to any of the concepts and also general notes pinned to the map (not related to a particular concept).

Notes from concept preview end up in the "map notes"

When you pin a note while looking at a concept preview, it ends up in the "Pinned note" (to map) - that's because the concept is not on the map yet, so the note can't be pinned directly to it. This is useful when you don't need the whole concept in the map but you see something interesting in the suggestions in the sidebar.

Adding notes to the concept

There are two ways how to add notes to the existing concept.

  1. Using the Push Pin button. This will appear if you mouse over the plus button in the box of each related concept. (pic. 1)

  2. Click on any concept in the map and select "Add note" from the popup bar above it. (pic. 2). It will open concept notes where you can add a text note, upload files, pictures or video URL.

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

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