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How to save related maps
How to save related maps
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When creating a new map in ContextMinds, suggested related maps can help to gather more related content and get a different perspective on your topic by browsing other maps.

When clicling on one of the suggested related map on the left in the sidebar, you will get a picture and a link (URL) of this particular map. (pic. 1) You can insert it into your current map as a new concept, drag the link to the map, pin it to notes or click on the link and save a copy of this map to your workspace.

Pic. 1

If you like to save a copy of the related map, click on the link (URL), it will open the map in a new window and now you can save it to your workspace and start editing according to your needs.

Click the cogged wheel at the top, select "Map actions"and select "Create copy of map". This map is now automatically saved in the map list. (pic. 2)

Pic. 2

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