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How to manage folders in your workspace
How to manage folders in your workspace
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Folders can be managed by workspace administrators.

1. Open your workspace.

2. Click on the Folder selection button in the top left corner.


3. A list of your folders will appear on your screen.

  • Click on the three-dot icon to edit (change the name, put it in a parent folder), change permissions, or delete the selected folder.

  • Create a new folder by clicking on the New folder option. You can create a subfolder if you select the parent folder when creating a new folder.


Folder permissions


When you create a new folder, everyone will have access to it by default. To change permissions, open the permissions dialog as described above and change the settings by clicking on the cross/tick icons.

Can read: users can see the folder and all maps in it.

Can add: users can add maps to the folder

Can remove: users can remove maps from the folder

Note: permissions do not propagate to subfolders - every folder has independent permissions.

Note: Workspace administrators always have full access to all folders.

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