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Multiuser collaboration
Multiuser collaboration
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To edit one map by multiple users, follow the steps below:

1) Share a map with another user to edit it

Click on the "SHARE" button at the top-right corner (pic. 1), enter the desired user's email in the box, choose the type of access - editor or reader (pic. 2)

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Send a link of the map you are working on to the user’s email for which you have set the permission. Now, the specified user can view/edit the map.

By editing, we mean modifying the map's content. The user is not allowed to delete the map, change the map's name, or alter the metadata. Only the owner has these permissions.

2) Editing a map within a workspace

If you have been assigned the admin role for a specific workspace, you can also edit maps within that workspace.

An admin has the following permissions: create folders, create teams, add maps to the folders, add members and add admins.

He can not delete or rename workspaces. This can be done by the owner only.

How to transfer an ownership

You can transfer an ownership of an specific workspace - after that a new owner has all the above mentioned permissions and, the original owner no longer has access to the workspace, unless someone adds him as an admin again. There can only be one owner at a time. (pic. 3)

Pic. 3

Saving of the shared map

After opening a shared map to which you have editing rights, all changes made are automatically saved. If you open and edit a map that is currently being edited by someone else, the following notification will appear. (pic. 4)

Pic. 4

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