Color Tags
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Tags can be used to categorize your concepts (topics, keywords) and additional information to them. They also determine the color of the concepts - all concepts with the same tag will have the same color.

To add a tag, click on a concept, click the "Color tag" button (Pic. 1) and then type in a name of the new tag (or select from the suggestions). You can then change the tag color in the sidebar on the left in the Concept Notes tab. (Pic. 2)

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Tags and colors

You can add as many tags as you like, but only one of them sets the color of the concept. The initial color of each tag is always random, but you can easily change it.

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Future of tags

Tags will become even more powerful once we enable filtering and search for concepts by tags. You will then be able to, for example, search for persons related to your topics. Coming soon!

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