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Adding multiple related topics or keywords at once
Adding multiple related topics or keywords at once
Updated over a week ago

Whenever you see multiple topics or keywords (we call both concepts) in the suggestions, you can select all of them and drag them to the map at once. Hold down the CTRL or command key and click each concept you want to add. Then when you drag any of the selected concepts to the map, all of them will get placed on the map.


You can see how it's done in the video below.

Useful tip: the video also shows how you can quickly connect concepts in your map: when you hover over a concept (bubble) in your map, you'll see a small arrow next to it. Drag it with the mouse to another concept to create a link between them. This is a faster way of creating connections when you don't need to label them. (Which is what you can do using the "Link to other" button.)

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